Motherhood By Laura Gimbert, Mother, Business Owner and Influencer ~ 

Motherhood and work are two big life roles, and each deserve a lot of attention and dedication. And although balancing both can be challenging, it can also be satisfying – helping you maintain your identity through postpartum (if working was a big part of your life pre-baby), and keeping your mind stimulated. So, what are some top tip and insights about balancing your business and baby?

I believe that everything starts during pregnancy. Planning and prepping for postpartum is a must. When the baby comes you want everything to be ready. This not only includes baby must-have items and having the home ready to welcome your little one, but also your work-world must be prepared. This means that during pregnancy, you should train whomever will be taking over your work, talk to all your clients and colleagues about your postpartum plans so they don’t bug you unless it is necessary, and get ahead of the game taking care of as many projects as possible so you have the least amount of work once the baby arrives. I personally had no maternity leave (business owner life!) but, I prepped perfectly and was able to work while enjoying my daughter since day 1.

Knowing where to delegate is another must. We moms are superwomen, and can do it all. But to do it all RIGHT we need to delegate and invest! Since the day Sofia was born I have managed my business and daughter all on my own. My husband works away all day, our families live across the country/world, and I personally decided I didn’t want a nanny until she goes to preschool because they grow up so fast and I don’t want to miss a thing. So, where do I delegate? I don’t have time to go to the groceries: I grocery shop online (farm fresh direct). I don’t have time for cooking: I order a meal prep delivery service that brings us healthy dinners fresh not frozen. I don’t have time to deep clean the house: I have maids come in regularly. I have no time to run work/personal errands: I have a personal assistant. You choose what works for you and where to delegate!


Balancing both roles can be hard mentally too, so prepping your mind is equally important. You should know that some days you won’t get anything done, that work will constantly be interrupted, that you won’t feel as rested, and that you may have to work more from your phone/laptop on the couch instead. But if you understand that this is your new life and learn to be okay with it, if you adapt to this new way of living quickly and with a positive attitude, then you will balance everything the best way you can. After all, remember babies are only babies once, and if we get frustrated at these changes we won’t enjoy this short and special stage as much. They will change again in the future, so we must learn to enjoy and embrace all the changes!

Motherhood And finally, if you are thinking about balancing motherhood and work, you will be BUSY! So please stop and think about self-care activities that you will do for yourself, every single day. A relaxing bubble bath with candles, reading a book cuddled with a blanket and a tea, going for a hike with your favorite music, getting a massage… Whatever it is, taking care of yourself and feeling good inside and out is also key to having a positive attitude and feeling more relaxed. This will help you balance it all! Sit down and write a list of things you will do for yourself at the beginning of every week. Just as business goals, you should have personal goals set up too. You deserve it.

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