By Anne L., Mother ~

birth storyThis is the birth story of our son, Ari:

Our journey through pregnancy and birth with Del Mar has been the most treasured experience.

Around 39 weeks, I had some bleeding after cleaning horse stalls, which worried me so I went in to the birth center to get checked out. Everything was fine, but as it turns out my cervix was already doing its thing and I was 4 centimeters dilated! We sort of assumed things would get going at that point, and my husband even exclaimed “We might have a baby in our arms by tomorrow morning!” Wrong! Fast forward 10 days, and we were still waiting around for something to happen. But nothing was happening. It was funny – we thought every little twinge might be it!

I went in to the birth center on our due date for an appointment and Hayley was very in tune to our discouragement. It felt like a long layover at the airport with delays! She asked if we would like to try the castor oil smoothie. We were very interested in that! Actually the dear darling husband had been hinting at that over the past week. The smoothie is actually pretty tasty. It’s no joke that it does taste like fruit loops! Well that did get things going!

I woke up in real serious labor. It was intense! We headed right in to the birth center and were greeted by our bright eyed Hayley, despite having just had another birth!

My water exploded all over the bathroom floor and my cervix was at 10! WooHOO!

birth storyI got into the tub and that was a game changer. It felt so goooooooood. Our son came a short while later. My mom said he shot out like a torpedo.

I had a little extra bleeding, so I got some medication and extra attention, and the thing about it is that NONE of that was scary for even a second. The midwife’s calm demeanor, instinct and capable hands took care of everything.

It was so great heading home from the birth center, which by then seemed like our home away from home. It was a perfect day.

Breastfeeding was a challenge, but then the support was there, and it’s now the easiest thing in the world. Margo did some craniosacral therapy with our baby, and that made a huge difference; we also saw a lactation consultant and attended a breastfeeding support group.

It all feels like a dream now. The best dream. Nothing can really prepare you for how wonderful it is to be a Del Mar Mama.

birth storyThank you all!