Labor and Birth Care

Imagine moving freely, listening to your body and finding your positions of comfort in the privacy of your own room, surrounded by those you choose – an intimate space for you and your partner, or where children, family and friends are welcome to join in the joy of your birth.

Once you are in active labor, your midwife will meet you at the birth center and stay with you throughout your labor and birth, encouraging you, making suggestions if needed, and carefully monitoring both you and your baby’s safety.

At Del Mar Birth Center, we utilize evidence based practices which include encouraging you to eat and drink as desired, and performing intermittent auscultation of your baby’s heartbeat with a waterproof hand-held doppler. This allows you to move freely, get on a birth ball, soak in a warm bath, use the birth sling and relax in any position you desire while still providing important information about your baby’s well being.

Most women find laboring in a tub, showering, massage, position changes and music combined with the support of partners, midwives and doulas to be very helpful. In addition, Nitrous Oxide is available.

When you’re ready to push, your Midwife and Nurse will follow your lead, assisting you to find your most effective position. Sitting on a birth stool, standing, squatting, kneeling, hands and knees, in the water, on the bed, suspended from the birth sling – it’s your choice! One of the many benefits of midwifery care is the concern for your perineum. Our midwives do not routinely cut episiotomies and they are experts at minimizing tearing and protecting your perineum.

After your baby is born, your baby is immediately placed on your chest for valuable skin to skin contact, and you will be assisted with breastfeeding.

After you’ve had time to bond with your baby, the initial newborn exam is performed with baby right by your side. You and your baby are never separated.

Your midwife and nurse will continue monitoring you and your baby as you rest and recover until the two of you are deemed stable. Once you’ve spent some time with your new family, enjoyed a meal, and feel ready, your nurse will help you prepare to go home.