Our Team

Our midwives have the rare experience that comes from having worked extensively in both hospital and out-of-hospital settings. They each share a commitment to physiologic birth and best evidence based practices.

While the word “team” is frequently used by many practices, in the case of Del Mar Birth Center, it truly describes our philosophy and approach to client care. We work well together, we like each other, and it shows!

Women receiving prenatal care meet with each of the midwives throughout their care, building a relationship of trust and familiarity. When the time comes for the client’s birth, she will be familiar with the attending midwife, and that midwife in turn will be familiar with the client and her individual needs and desires.

When you become a client of Del Mar Birth Center, you become a part of our family. All of our staff, from the receptionist and client services representative to the administrator, nurses and midwives, take a personal interest in our clients and their care. We invite you to meet our team.

Jamie L HatcherJamie L Hatcher, RN, MSN, CNM


Jamie first became interested in birth when she discovered the book Birth Without Violence by Frederick LeBoyer for 5¢ at a yard sale as a teenager, then proceeded on a long, winding pathway to becoming a midwife nearly 15 years later.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Health & Human Development at Montana State University, Jamie joined the Peace Corps where she served as a Health Education volunteer in a small village in Madagascar for 2 years. It was the one-on-one interactions with women in her village that led Jamie to pursue a nursing degree at Johns Hopkins University. While in nursing school, Jamie participated in a volunteer doula program, providing support to a broad array of women in the greater Baltimore area and also helped develop culturally appropriate childbirth classes for refugees.

Jamie’s shining moment of enlightenment, when she realized she needed to become a midwife, came while watching The Business of Being Born during her doula training. Following nursing school, Jamie attended a collaborative program between Johns Hopkins University and Shenandoah University to obtain her degree in nurse midwifery. She spent her first 3 years working as a midwife in Maryland, catching babies in both a freestanding birth center and in a hospital. It was at the birth center that she developed an innate trust in the birth process and discovered her deep passion for midwifery. Feeling that she belonged on the west coast, Jamie began seeking new opportunities and joined the Del Mar Birth Center team in 2018 .

Jamie knows without a doubt that midwifery is her true calling, and she continually feels blessed that she has the honor of helping guide new life into the world. When not catching babies, she enjoys Bikram yoga, knitting, pretending that she can build/refinish furniture, hiking, natural hot springs, rockhounding, and snuggling with her cat, Luna.

Jodie-Midwife at Del Mar Birth CenterJodie Mayfield, RN, MSN, CNM


Jodie brings 20 years of experience in childbirth to Del Mar Birth Center. Jodie started her career in 2000 as a registered nurse in England, before progressing to midwifery in 2005. With 10 years of experience working as a midwife in the UK, Jodie relocated to the U.S. where she obtained a master of science degree in nurse-midwifery from Philadelphia University.

Jodie has worked in a number of maternity settings, both in the UK and North America, caring for women at home, hospital, and birth centers. She has attended everything from waterbirth to high-risk hospital birth in collaboration with physicians and has helped hundreds of women safely deliver their babies.

Jodie has a strong background in physiological birth and believes in providing evidence-based and compassionate care, allowing time for women to make informed choices. She also enjoys providing well-woman care, contraception and gynecological services, for every stage of a woman’s life, from teenage to post-menopause.

She has been married to her husband Brian for many years and lives with their two children, ages 14 and 10. In her spare time, she enjoys working out and hiking. She looks forward to meeting you and pursuing her passion for midwifery care at Del Mar Birth Center!


Rita Gordon, RN, MSN, CNM, NP


While taking Women’s Studies in addition to pre-med courses in college, Rita became passionate about healing the relationship between a woman and her body, reversing the loss of control and connection many women feel, and encouraging respect of women’s’ ownership of their bodies.

While studying for the medical school entrance exam, Rita happened to read a book about a midwife and it clicked! She avidly researched the Midwifery profession and realized it was a calling that combined her love of medicine and science with her passion for advancing reproductive justice and continuing an ancient tradition of providing intuitive healthcare, while supporting the natural processes of pregnancy and childbirth.

After earning her Bachelor’s degrees in Women’s Studies and Biology with a minor in Chemistry, Rita attended Columbia University in the City of New York to earn an additional Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a Master’s degree in Nurse-Midwifery. In 2015, once graduated, she stayed in New York City to begin her career in a busy hospital midwifery service where she provided full-scope midwifery care to the incredibly vibrant and diverse population of Jamaica, Queens. She also worked at three federally qualified health centers throughout NYC before deciding to make a cross-country move to California.

Rita is thrilled to join a birth center practice where she can provide a midwifery model of care that trusts in the strength of women and their bodies. She is committed to fostering an environment that supports evidence-based medicine, shared decision making, and a woman’s right to bodily autonomy.

Rita grew up on the Florida coast and she tries to spend as much time outdoors and at the beach as possible. She also loves yoga and barre classes as much as she loves a lazy day lounging with her kitty, Icy.

Delia CampDelia Camp, RN, BSN


Delia co-founded Del Mar Birth Center with her midwife, Margo Kennedy. Delia has long been an advocate for breastfeeding, childbirth education and informed choices for women’s health care and early childhood development. She was one of the first trained doulas in Southern California in the early 1990’s and her experience in assisting mothers in childbirth convinced her of the need to provide more direct assistance to pregnant women. Delia went back to school and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2002 and worked as a labor and delivery nurse at a local Los Angeles hospital. Her hospital experience convinced her even more of the need for evidenced-based support and options for women desiring a healthy birth.

Beginning in 2009, she and her husband, James, a business lawyer in Los Angeles, teamed with Margo to start the planning for a free-standing birth center. Their dream was realized with the opening of Del Mar Birth Center in October of 2013. Delia not only “talks the talk” but “walks the walk”, having given birth to five children naturally without anesthesia. She remains active as a mother to her 14-year old son and 17-year old daughter and grandmother to her 3 grandchildren each of whom knows more about childbirth and breastfeeding than just about any other kid on the block.