Pregnancy Care

Imagine pregnancy and birth as a journey of discovery –
A gaining of confidence and knowledge
And the trust of your own inner strength
With someone who listens and can guide you.

The majority of your visits will take place in the comfort of our consultation room where the midwife will listen to your baby’s heartbeat, check your baby’s growth and position, assess your vital signs, and discuss your health, nutrition, and activities. She will educate you about the body changes and emotions you may be experiencing and make helpful suggestions for dealing with some of the common issues which can arise during pregnancy.

  • One of the hallmarks of midwifery care is the time spent listening and getting to know you. Your initial prenatal visit is one hour and the other prenatal visits last 30 minutes, allowing you to become familiar and comfortable with each of the midwives and to develop a relationship with them as you prepare for your birth.
  • You are a full partner in your care, and are provided ample opportunity to ask questions, express your hopes and desires, have your concerns addressed, and to become educated about the process so that you can make informed decisions about your care. In addition, you always have access to your electronic medical records, including test results and you can email the midwife on call at anytime and look forward to a prompt response.
  • Prenatal testing and genetic screening are offered based on individual need, and routine lab work is done at the birth center. If a test or procedure is recommended, our midwives will explain what is being suggested , why it is suggested, and any options which may be available to you.
  • We have a collaborative relationship with three local OB/GYN’s should the need arise for additional consult during pregnancy or birth.